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While it may be the most functional space, an office that reflects the design and comfort of the rest of the home is optimal for a successful workflow. Curate your surroundings to perform without sacrificing beauty. Promote lighting to different layers and manage the mood. Whether illuminating the room or honing in on a task, office lighting directs focus with style and precision. We asked Shea McGee of nationally acclaimed Studio McGee to share her design tips on how to use light to inspire productivity in the home office.
“Home offices are usually one of the most function-based rooms we design in homes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful. We like to use lighting to our advantage and create special moments in every home, but especially as an unexpected addition to a home office!”
“To achieve a more intentionally designed office, it’s important to layer your lighting. Start with can lights or a chandelier overhead, then layer in accent lighting like table lamps, floor lamps and even sconces. Not only do they add an extra design element but they help your space feel warmer and cozier.”
“Go for some Asymmetry, and get creative with your lighting! If you have a large overhead fixture, add a lamp on a desk or drawers and balance it all out with a vignette. The more contemporary look will become a fast favorite in your home.”
“Adding a library sconce above a piece of art or bookshelves instantly elevates the entire room! Highlight your built-in or open shelves with a sconce to make your styling stand out.”
“Use secondary lights as an opportunity to mix metals and bring more interest to your home office. If you have a large silver fixture overhead, add in brass accents through a
small task lamp on your desk.”
01. Gale Library Wall Light by Thomas O’Brien; 02. Ziyi Large Chandelier by Thomas O’Brien; 03. Phoebe Stacked Table Lamp by Kelly Wearstler; 04. Perfect Pleat Oval Hanging Shade by Barbara Barry; 05. 24” Cabinet Maker’s Picture Light by Chapman & Myers; 06. Graphic Large Two-Tier Chandelier by AERIN; 07. Antonio Articulating
Task Lamp by Thomas O’Brien; 08. Siena Small Flush Mount by Studio VC

Experience our family of brands at Visual Comfort & Co.

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