Introducing: Marie Flanigan

Introducing the Marie Flanigan Collection

As a classically trained and practiced architect, Houston-based interior designer Marie Flanigan's trademark style is evident through the sophisticated use of color, texture, and light. Every home she designs receives her personal signature of timeless elegance and innovative simplicity. Inspired by the dialogue of design, her debut lighting collection reveals an articulate sense of harmony. Forward enough to command attention yet simultaneously understated, every eloquent detail proves worthy of discussion. Glimpse the familiar in a refreshing new context.


The Menil was inspired by the meaningful connection forged by the joining of curves and angles. A familiar frame has been upgraded with carefully considered craftsmanship and well-appointed details – the end result is poised but not pretentious. Fluted metal and glass bounce light in the most captivating way. Shifting shadows create a dynamic interplay with their environment and establish a focal point that can anchor the layout of room. A ceiling light with three size options, the Menil can be installed as a lantern in a foyer, as a pendant over a breakfast table, or as a statement-making chandelier. Try it in multiples for maximum effect along elegant passageways.


Boundaries between home and fashion are intentionally blurred in the Reve sconce. Though streamlined, this fixture is anything but straightforward. Its sense of balance and refinement give it flexibility, lending itself to a wide spectrum of styles. Cast glass and mixed metals are contemporary and eye-catching. The exposed cording and cantilevered shade generate three-dimensional appeal. Whether flanking a piece of abstract art above a console, hanging near a rustic vanity in a bathroom, or framing a window seat to create a cozy spot for reading, the Reve elevates the interior dialogue of any space into which it speaks.


A modern twist on a classic silhouette, the Abigail was inspired by Marie's love of historic glass and the familiar wavy reflections it emanates. Innovative yet instantly appreciated, unexpected materials bring a fresh perspective to Abigail’s traditional shapes. Its classical form, made from cylindrical cast glass, celebrates the beauty of simplicity. The Abigail is clean and elegant from afar, yet intricate and captivating up close. From illuminating corridors to providing soft ambient light, the Abigail can blend seamlessly throughout your home and meld with a variety of interior styles.


Intentional and curated, the Reese exemplifies the purity of Marie's favorite lighting forms married in one special fixture. Dressed up with hints of metallic detailing, it is a rarefied staple that encapsulates an exquisite point of view. Intricately coined brass and restoration glass pay homage to the past, while clean lines and a compelling composition solidify this pendant’s place as an instant classic. Designed with longevity in mind, this pendant comes in large and small sizes that feel at home no matter the placement.


Warmth is the common thread that weaves through the Murphy's design. This multi-layered pendant is inviting and understated, and imbues a space with structure and delight. A painted shade with a slender rim of stained wood is welcoming and approachable, establishing depth through contrasting textures. The simple, contoured shape is simultaneously playful and practical. Substantial enough to stand alone and even more impactful in pairs, the Murphy pendant comes in two sizes. Its subtle palette melds smoothly into any space.


Designed with an appreciation for the imperfection of time-worn materials found in nature, the Gates table lamp is a modern form that hearkens back to a bygone era. The organic imperfections of raked ceramic glaze subdue the linear structure of Gate’s profile, providing graphic contrast without overwhelming the eye. This evocative table lamp infuses a space with texture and pattern, referencing global influences and ancient artistry.



The Driscoll was designed to celebrate the relationship between organic and refined materials. Structured lines are softened by the undulating texture of cast glass, allowing these fixtures to stand alone or unify bolder design elements. A cast glass base paired with a linen shade is tasteful and current, while still acknowledging traditional methods of craftsmanship. Subtle metallic details lend glamour to an otherwise down-to-earth fixture. This table lamp would sit beautifully on an office desk or nightstand and includes a dimmer switch that enables a precise control of the light's intensity. 


Designed as a nod to mid-century aesthetics in a modern form, the Rivers pendant portrays the push and pull between materials and time periods. Angular metal provides juxtaposition to the Rivers' cylindrical body in a fixture that is equal parts masculine and glamorous. The sleek Rivers ceiling light comes in a large and small size, providing flexibility for unexpected applications. Allow it to stand alone hovering over a bedside table. Or, hang multiples in a grouping and vary the hanging height of each one for a striking and personalized composition. 


Thanks to layered tiers and unexpected materials, this time-honored form is given a fresh identity that is both simple and intriguing. Delicate in proportion, the cast glass topped by a plaster shade creates beauty and depth, diffusing softly filtered light. The Sydney ceiling light comes in two sizes and can be placed with ease throughout your home. Suspend it over a kitchen island, or shorten its chain to utilize it as a semi-flush mount in an elegant powder room.


The Brock was imagined from Marie's affection for pure silhouettes softened by texture. Masculine and streamlined, the Brock adapts its versatile form simply by changing its finish. The substantial yet sleek block-shaped cast glass adds an element of weight that feels luxurious and forward. Attached by a narrow, linear band, the glass appears to float off the rear of the fixture. This versatile wall sconce would look handsome in a closet, bathroom, or entry. It is subtle yet strong and will make a striking visual impact no matter where it is placed.