Iconic Haus Winter 2020

The Art of Lighting Design: Form Meets Function

Five ways architectural lighting enhances great interior design plus, nine spaces that prove decorative lighting is the jewel of the room. Photography by Paul Moore.

Situated in luxe Paradise Valley outside Scottdale, Arizona, the winter 2020 Iconic Haus showcases the work of some of the nation’s best design talents. Designed by award-winning architect Mark Candelaria and Vivian Ayala and built by Temac Development, the luxury showhouse brings together a team of industry-leading experts and tastemakers to achieve 10,000 square feet of stunning design. This powerhouse team looked to our expert staff to craft a lighting plan worthy of the luxury property. Lighting Designer, Charles Camacho, and the local Scottsdale team Greg Gillespie and Cecilia Carson did just that. Not only did they outfit the “Mod-iterranean” estate with stunning architectural and decorative fixtures, but applied them to enhance design and improve the quality of life for the home’s future inhabitants. Here’s how.

Limoges Grande Pendant by Suzanne Kasler / Interior Design by Janet Brooks Design

1. The Kitchen: Pretty, Practical

When planning a kitchen’s lighting design, Senior Lighting Designer Charles Camacho says one of the first things he looks at is how the workspaces are arranged. In this case, an island-style dining table mirrors the center work island, and is framed by a back wall of cabinets and the show-stopping custom range hood by Horn Metalcraft. “In such a space you may go for three pendants, with one in the center,” Camacho explains. “But, they have a very decorative range hood, so we went with two and flanked the range hood to showcase it.” Overhead, the 3" ELEMENT New Construction Adjustable Round Flangeless Housing paired with the 3" ELEMENT Round Flangeless Trim by Tech Lighting are used throughout the home, which provide ambient lighting, while under-cabinet lighting provides spot-on task lighting for the busy chef. 

Robertson Double Tier Chandelier by Ralph Lauren, Estelle Display Lamp by Alexa Hampton / Interior design by Vallone Design

2. The Great Room: Light for Great Heights

Living up to its name, the ceilings in the great room range from 16 to 18 feet. To illuminate such a tall space, our staff worked with the Temac team to install downlights that boast the capacity to span such great heights. Strategic placement results in cones of light that start as tight, bright beams up high, but offer just the right amount of illumination by the time it reaches the human level. A few recessed lights play a more specific role. “With lighting, we can draw your eye to something in the room,” Camacho explains. “We ask ‘Is there a significant feature wall or art piece or object in that room?’ Sometimes we’ll light that first and everything else will fall around that. We’ll make that priority.” In this case, two adjustable lights over the fireplace punch it up as the center of attention.

Michaela Small Wide Chandelier by Ralph Lauren, Vail Sconce by Ian K. Fowler / Interior design by Isabel Dellinger-Candelaria and Nikka Bochniak, Earth and Images

3. The Gallery: Acheiving Layers of Light

The “gallery,” designed by Isabel Dellinger-Candelaria and Nikka Bochniak, elegantly extends off the entry and exemplifies the power of “layers of light.” To achieve this warm and welcoming atmosphere, the lighting design calls for a winning combination of tape lighting, sconces and eye-catching chandeliers at the intersections. “We have linear tape light in crown molding, which lights the top,” explains Camacho. “Then we have the sconces at the human scale, which brings light down to personal space. And then we have the jewelry–the pretty pieces–the chandeliers. They’ll provide some light, but really what they’re doing is providing visual interest and character,” he says. The architecture of the barrel vault ensures indirect lighting bounces all around, making the whole space glow.  

Mill Large Globe Lantern by AERIN / Interior design by Janet Brooks Design

4. The Morning Room: The Power of a "Quiet Ceiling"

“Circa Lighting is taking recessed lighting to a new level,” says Charles. Nowhere is that more evident than the serene morning room, designed by Janet Brooks Design. We worked with Temac to install downlights in the paneled ceiling so architectural and design elements could take center stage, not bright lights glaring down from the ceiling. “It’s a ceiling that you don’t notice the light is coming out of; it’s a non-participant in the scheme,” says Camacho. “If you look at it, you don’t see big glaring circles. That’s the whole concept of the quiet ceiling.” 

Zur 18 Outdoor Wall Sconce by Sean Lavin / Interior design by Donna Mondi Interior Design

5. The Exterior: Bright Ideas for Dark Skies

In order to comply with local ordinances and preserve the area’s beloved starry night skies, the home’s exterior lighting scheme needed to meet a few parameters: no upward-shining lights and no direct line of sight to the light source. The Zur Outdoor Sconce by Sean Lavin was just the fix. “We’re using a dark sky fixture, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring, you can have some drama and excitement,” Camacho explains. “I think in the end that’s what it’s about–drama and excitement. Anyone can do a lighting plan and throw up some fixtures, but we have the knowledge to elevate architecture and design. We’re making something masterful.”

Interior design by Isabel Dellinger-Candelaria and Nikka Bochniak, Earth and Images
Michaela Large Chandeleir by Ralph Lauren

The Grand Entry

“Being the entry, the chandelier is the first piece of jewelry you see and it must set the tone for the rest of the home!” explains Nikka Bochniak. “Playing off of the Mod-iterranean architecture and the requested black-and-white theme, we felt that the forged iron finish juxtaposed with the clean marble fit the bill.” 

Strada Medium Oval Chandelier by Kelly Wearstler / Interior design by Angelica Henry Design

The Office

“I loved the linear quality [of the fixture] paired with the burnished silver finish. It was the perfect statement piece for the room,” said designer Angelica Henry. “The fixture plays perfectly against the chevron wallcovering and the lines of the desk base, and casts beautiful light across the wallcovering texture.”

Interior design by Paige Lewis Designs
Afton Single Sconce by Julie Neill

The Powder Room

“I always want my light fixtures to be show-stopping,” said designer Paige Lewis. “They should have a one-of-a-kind look. In the powder room, especially, the lighting should be something your guests are talking about.”

Sierra Tail Sconce by Thomas O'Brien / Interior design by Donna Mondi Interior Design

The Dining Room

“Sultry dinner parties call for low lighting that makes guests feel beautiful and relaxed,” says Donna Mondi. In the dining room, a pair of Sierra Tail Sconces by Thomas O’Brien flank the entry, welcoming guests to the dramatic dining space.

Maverick 52" Ceiling Fan by Monte Carlo / Interior design by Laurent Bernard, Interior Essentials

The Guest Bedroom

This guest retreat is a celebration of art and pattern, from ancient to modern. The Maverick 52" Ceiling Fan by Monte Carlo in an entirely matte-black finish is right at home among the muted color scheme.

Alma Floor Lamp by Kelly Wearstler / Interior design by Anita Lang, IMI Design

The Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom, modern lines meet natural elements for a mix that’s serene and grounding. Alma Floor Lamps by Kelly Wearstler flank the bed and add to the modern-natural mix.

Fontaine Single Sconce by AERIN / Interior design by Kirsten Holmstedt, Treasure in the Detail
Morris Medium Lantern by Suzanne Kasler / Interior design by Kirsten Holmstedt, Treasure in the Detail

The Guest Room & Lounge

“I was looking for a sconce that felt modern and elevated and would beautifully frame the swirl artwork we hung in the gallery hallway. The Fontaine Single Sconces were the perfect fit for the space to achieve this look,” explains Kirsten Holmstedt. “I fell in love with the Morris Lantern with White Glass for the lounge room because of its organic and refined presence. I knew it would be the perfect fit for the space to bring all the textures and elements together and serve as a focal point when entering the room.” 

Cynara Medium Chandelier by Chapman & Myers / Interior design by Kacie Lilley, K&Q Interiors

The Laundry Room & Mudroom

The eye-catching Cynara Medium Chandelier by Chapman & Myers is right at home among the bold hues and glam finishes of the laundry room, which proves function doesn’t have to preclude fabulous style.  

Affinity Medium Dome Table Lamp by Kelly Wearstler / Interior design by Kerri Foreman, Vallone Design

The Bourbon Room

The home’s bourbon bar takes mixology beyond the glass with tasteful combinations of vintage and modern, masculine and feminine, and even metal and stone in the form of the Affinity Medium Dome Table Lamp by Kelly Wearstler.

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