Light is the only design element that affects every other design element. By collaborating closely with architects, lighting designers and interior designers to understand their needs and to solve their toughest challenges, we have gained broad recognition for combining a passion for every design detail with an appreciation for the way our fixtures illuminate a space. Our Architectural Lighting Collection will help you achieve layers of light, highlight key focal points, illuminate critical task surfaces, and create visual interest and visual comfort. We offer a broad portfolio of architectural lighting to meet almost any specification and budget. 


Control the mood and ambiance of the space with our architectural recessed LED downlights. Our small aperture, recessed downlights recess the light source well above the ceiling plane minimizing visual discomfort and glare. Additionally, many of our downlights are aimable to highlight key elements in the space or at critical task surfaces. We also offer a wide range of budget-friendly solutions. 

Channels of Light

LED channels transform a space by creating depth and dimension while the fixtures themselves blend seamlessly into the architecture – completely concealed from view. They also provide excellent task lighting for a variety of applications such as undercabinet, in a bathroom, or above a work surface. Our channels offer the highest quality of light, are easy to specify and install, and will elevate any space.


Our cylinders are designed with a modern aesthetic for residential, hospitality and commercial applications, and are engineered to produce high-quality and powerful illumination. They are offered in adjustable, fixed and wall wash applications along with several finishes, accessories, and mounting options.

MonoPoint Task

Ideal for highlighting critical focal points and task surfaces, MonoPoint Task lighting helps direct light where it is most needed while adding visual interest to the space. Like with our MonoRail system, a wide variety of heads are available to suit both residential and commercial spaces.


MonoRail provides elevated track lighting that is minimalist in form and incredibly flexible. MonoRail can be configured in countless ways and is offered with a multitude of heads and pendants making it easily adaptable to a wide variety of residential and commercial applications.

Kable Lite

Offering an aesthetic that’s minimalist and gives the impression of floating lights, our Kable Lite system provides unobtrusive yet flexible lighting options. This system is also useful for wall-to-wall lighting installations when ceiling mounting is not practical or possible.


The Brox System frees your creativity with modular light bars, blanks, and connectors that can be snapped together to design personalized sculptural motifs or to enhance the architecture of your space with distinctive, contemporary, linear accent lighting.


The ultimate in ease and versatility. Choose from a variety of MonoPoint and MultiPort canopies and our broad assortment of low-voltage heads and pendants. The fixtures can easily be attached and detached without rewiring which allows for maximum flexibility to quickly and simply change the lighting in the space.