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Logan Killen Interiors

 In a city with plenty of personality to go around, a mutual love of art, textiles, antiques and vintage furniture inspired longtime friends Logan LeBlanc and Jensen Killen to found New Orleans, Louisiana-based Logan Killen Interiors back in 2012. See some of our favorite projects from this creative, female-led firm.

Mia Large Chandelier by John Rosselli | Photography by Augusta Sagnelli

New Orleans cultivates and celebrates individuality, paving the perfect path for Logan Killen Interiors who relies on strong relationships with their clients allowing them to imbue a powerful sense of personality into every project. One thing the pair is not afraid to do is make a statement with art. "Don't be afraid to layer artwork over open shelving," Jensen says. "It is a great way to not only fill, but bring personality into a space." In this eclectic Uptown family home, Logan and Jensen utilized a deft mix of modern and antique furnishings, including heirloom pieces like the rustic dining table from the client's own collection.

Hargett Buffet Lamp by J. Randall Powers | Photography by Jacqueline Marque

Beton Large Table Lamp by Kelly Wearstler | Photography by Augusta Sagnelli

Bring the Outdoors In

Grounded in earth tones, this entryway inside a restored Audubon Park Victorian cottage (left) and cozy Spanish-accented living room (right) rely on natural elements—from tropical wallpaper to bayou-chic bamboo, wicker and wood elements to indoor plants—to create a warm and welcoming environment designed to soothe occupants. A cheeky fringe throw, original art and sophisticated lighting, including the Hargett Buffet Lamp by J. Randall Powers (left) and the Beton Large Table Lamp by Kelly Wearstler (right), speak to the specific tastes of the individual clients.

Tell a Story

This serene, sunlit kitchen in Metairie drew on the homeowner’s family trips to Alys Beach, Florida, for inspiration. Subtle seaside colors—white, sand, apricot and a range of muted blues—are anchored by warm wood tones and spots of greenery that reference Louisiana’s moodier coastline. “The result is a true family home, rooted in Louisiana, but dreaming of days at the beach,” Logan says. Here, the Limoges Large Pendant by Suzanne Kasler and Morris Medium Lantern by Suzanne Kasler further enliven the space.

Hackney Floor lamp by J. Randall Powers | Photography by Augusta Sagnelli

Charlton Table Lamp by AERIN | Photography by Jacqueline Marque

Master the Mix

Cleverly mixing styles and materials like the varied woods used in the handsome home office pictured on the left is an easy way to add interest and up a room’s uniqueness quota. Pairing classic and contemporary furnishings and incorporating a few bold patterns helps create a timeless aesthetic. Underscore the room’s individual vibe with lighting pieces like J. Randall Powers' Hackney Floor Lamp (left) and AERIN's Charlton Table Lamp (right).

Bistro Single Light Sconce by Ian K. Fowler | Photography by Augusta Sagnelli

Merchant Single Bath Light by Thomas O'Brien | Photography by Jacqueline Marque

Incorporate Timeless Details

“Going with a fully tiled bathroom in a colored ceramic is a great way to make a big impact. The space instantly has personality,” says Jensen of the Riverside Bungalow pictured on the left, featuring Ian K. Fowler's Bistro Single Light. Beautiful tiles also lend the space enduring appeal, which is why the design team leaned into custom tiles for the floor and even added a double strip around the bathroom’s door frame in the classic A. Hays Town-designed home pictured right is completed with vintage-inspired plumbing and Thomas O'Brien's Merchant Single Bath Light.

Graphic Large Two-Tier Chandelier by AERIN | Photography by Jacqueline Marque

Add Character with Color

“Built in 1894, this side-hall Victorian had been newly renovated when we were enlisted to select wall finishes, lighting, and furnishings,” Logan says. “[The existing] all white palette was fresh, but lacked the personality our clients craved.” By introducing unique color combinations—ethereal pale blue walls paired with warm ochre touches and rich antique woods—as well as statement furnishings and fixtures such as the Graphic Large Two-Tier Chandelier by AERIN, the duo transformed a generically beautiful space into a stylish family retreat meant for entertaining.

Allen Single Sconce by Ralph Lauren | Photography by Augusta Sagnelli

TT Double Sconce by Chapman & Myers | Photography by Alison Gootee

Set the Tone

Layers of color, ranging from soft apricot to moss green, and various texture types including concrete tiles, textiles, woods, and mixed metals, create a cozy, inviting environment in both the Riverside Bungalow bathroom (left) and Metairie living room (right). Smart lighting choices, including the Allen Single Sconce by Ralph Lauren (left) and a pair of TT Double Sconces by Chapman & Myers (right), pull the individual looks together.

Frankfort Articulating Wall Light by AERIN | Photography by Jacqueline Marque

Geneva Sconce by Ralph Lauren | Photography by Jacqueline Marque

Create Moments of Surprise

The unexpected contrast of earthy mauve walls paired with rust-colored sateen drapes and a striking cornflower blue upholstered headboard allow this small primary bedroom to make a big impact. Circa’s Frankfort Articulating Wall Light by AERIN punctuates the contemporary space. In the sleek masculine bathroom pictured to the right, the design team used another bold hit of blue—this time a classic navy—to anchor the clean, modern space and chose Ralph Lauren's Geneva Sconces for the well-matched warm brass accents.

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