Designed For Beauty, Engineered For The Elements

Outdoor lighting is tricky to get right. Subjected to constant exposure to the elements (sun, wind, salt air, rain, snow, and other inclement weather patterns as well drastic temperature swings) these fixtures age in fast-forward—much more quickly than their indoor counterparts, which are more likely to succumb to a change in style or trend rather than natural wear-and-tear.

Enter: The StoneStrong series by Generation Lighting. Designed with strength and longevity in mind, these unique outdoor collections are constructed using our proprietary StoneStrong composite. “Made of resin, crushed marble, [and ground emery], StoneStrong is an extremely durable but flexible material,” says Corbin Philhower, Director of Design Development. It’s the flexibility that ensures each fixture is as stylish as it is tough and able to maintain fine design details and textures. “We initially marketed StoneStrong as a coastal solution because the air itself is salty in those regions and has a tendency to corrode metal extremely quickly,” he says. “But it’s also the perfect solution for areas where it might be a hundred-plus degrees in the summer and then possibly as cold as -20 degrees come winter; places like the Upper Midwest.” Exposed to relentless UV light for extended periods as part of the intensive testing protocol StoneStrong undergoes prior to reaching your home, the remarkable material also resists fading and – beyond the regions listed – ideally suits harsh mountain desert environments in regions such as Colorado, Arizona, and Utah, among others.

Warren Large Wall Lantern by Sean Lavin

If that wasn’t enough, each StoneStrong light fixture is also single cast and created using an injection mold, which reinforces durability by minimizing the number of individual parts that require weld points, where water and other particles can creep in and cause lasting damage. StoneStrong fixtures are also rustproof and fire resistant as well as eco-friendly. “It’s their long-term durability that really makes these collections eco-friendly,” Philhower says. “If you live in a harsh weather environment, you might be swapping out outdoor fixtures every few years, and they’re most likely not going to get recycled, but end up in a landfill instead.” By holding onto your outdoor light fixtures longer, you’re also conserving the energy it would take to build and ship replacements—not to mention reducing packing material waste.

Hingham Medium Wall Lantern by Chapman & Myers

Equally critical to the StoneStrong mission is delivering regionally-appropriate, timeless style every time. “We really work hard to design outdoor pieces that aren’t trend driven,” Philhower says, “ensuring no one needs to take down a light fixture after three years because we’re over a particular trend or fad.” Exhibits A and B: The ageless appeal of the best-selling Warren lanterns and the classic good looks of the recently-released Falmouth collection, which features the StoneStrong series’ first glass hood.

See something you love? The entire series comes in a multitude of sizes to account for your home’s varying scale. Shop the collections below.

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