Elevate your space with ESSENCE Linear Lighting

Where light is placed has a significant impact on visibility, visual comfort, aesthetics, task performance, safety, mood, satisfaction, and social interaction. ESSENCE provides premier quality made-to-order architectural light channels and premium LED Strip.

Unmatched Color Quality and Consistency

The quality of light is critical to ensure other design elements in the space are presented in the most natural way possible. ESSENCE utilizes a proprietary phosphor mix and hand selects from over 1 billion LEDs each year to achieve unmatched color quality and consistency.

Anatomy of ESSENCE

Superior Indoor & Outdoor LED Strips

Engineered to provide beautiful light with maximum flexibility, consistent brightness, minimal shadowing and long life. Choose between 1-and 2-step binning, static white and warm dim.

Unilume IP67 LED Strip

The Unilume IP67 LED Strip features a continuous line of light making it the perfect indoor or outdoor solution for areas with shallow depth or reflective surfaces where unsightly pixels would distract from the overall appearance.


ESSENCE offers a wide array of fixtures to fit all your project needs.

Premium Channel Aesthetics

ESSENCE Aluminum channel extrusions are manufactured to provide a tailored, quality aesthetic. Available in Anodized Black, Anodized Satin Aluminum, and Powder Coated White (field-paintable) finishes.

Superior Lenses & Louvers

Our acrylic lenses optimize light output while minimizing glare and LED pixelation. We offer White, Frosted, Black and Louver lenses. Learn more to understand what product is best for your project.

Flexible Ordering Options

ESSENCE is offered in a variety of ordering options. Choose from Factory-Assembled, Field-Assembled, or LED Channels. Most channels can be ordered to the exact inch for when a very precise measurement is required. If measurements are not finalized at the time the order is placed our Field-Assembled and DIY options can be manipulated in the field to your exact measurement.



  • Offers the easiest installation when the precise dimensions are known
  • Complete fixture ships fully assembled and includes mounting hardware (excluding power supply)
  • Fixtures longer than 96" (8 ft) consist of multiple equal-length legs that are connected in the field with a concealed electrical and mechanical connector (included)



  • May be preferred if the exact installation dimensions are unknown
  • Fixture ships unassembled and includes mounting hardware and end caps (excluding power supply)
  • Soldered leads
  • Channel, lens and LED strip can be cut in the field to exact dimensions
  • Fixtures longer than 8ft consist of multiple equal-length channel and lens legs that are connected in the field with a mechanical joiner (included)



  • Components are sold a-la-carte
  • Ideal when exact installation dimensions and fixture quantities are not known
  • The installer cuts the channel, lens, and LED strip then assembles all the components into a complete fixture
  • Joiners are available to form fixtures longer than 8ft

Mounting, Connects & Power

We have a range of mounting, connectors, and power options that allow 
you to have a simple and quick installation process.