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Taking cues from history, traditional style welcomes intricate details, opulent materials and symmetrical silhouettes. Design elements from a medley of centuries create a warm and inviting look. Shop our selection of traditional light fixtures certain to stand the test of time.


Not quite modern, not quite traditional; transitional spaces take the best of both for a tailored, yet comfortable style. In short, they are classic! Transitional interiors are an effortless expression of timeless design with modern elements.

Contemporary | Modern

Contemporary design focuses on of-the-moment trends while incorporating retro glam, art deco and modern influences. Curved lines, rich textures, polished surfaces and glass are dominant elements for a contemporary space. Established in the early to mid-20th century, modern design favors clean lines, minimal décor, natural materials and neutral tones. Shop Contemporary | Modern to discover fixtures with an emphasis on both form and function.


Mid-century modern is a design movement born in the middle of the 20th century which significantly influenced architecture, interior design, art and global life beyond. Inspired largely by Danish and Scandinavian design aesthetics, mid-century modern is typically characterized by clean lines and an emphasis on functionality. Our selection of Mid-Century inspired designs to look to the future yet remain warmly familiar.

Casual | Farmhouse

Casual design places an emphasis on comfort, functionality and simplicity. Relaxed silhouettes, soft curves and low-maintenance surfaces and textiles can be incorporated to create a sense of ease. When it comes to lighting, the right fixtures can enhance the practicality of a casual space and amp up the ambiance of everyday living. Farmhouse style embraces a simpler time and way of life. Timeworn, rustic accents including distressed wood, wrought iron and leather are staples of farmhouse décor. Our selection of timeless lighting will evoke feelings of warmth and comfort in your modern-day farmhouse.

Coastal | Cottage

Whether your coast is oceanside, lakeside or even just a state of mind, coastal design evokes a sense of serenity, nature and relaxation. Popular color palettes for coastal homes include sandy neutrals, crisp whites and hues reminiscent of rolling waves, sea foam and sky. Cottage style homes have a certain storybook quality, filled with charming and cozy spaces. Old world European influences, whitewashed wood, distressed patina and playful color give cottage style decor its character. Incorporate these pieces into your home to add a casual, collected and inviting feel.