Mudroom Solutions from Kate Marker Interiors

Mudrooms are high-traffic, utilitarian spaces that are often overlooked. With racks for shoes, hooks for jackets and catchall storage, they keep the rest of the house looking clean.

See how designer Kate Marker transforms mudrooms into stylish and organized hubs of the home.

Westbury Double Sconce by Ralph Lauren | Photography By: @stofferphotographyinteriors

“Form and function must simultaneously be achieved to ensure a mudroom is well-lit and aesthetically-pleasing.”

Kate Marker

Gale Library Wall Light by Thomas O’Brien | Photography By: @emilykennedyphoto

“While most lighting selections tend to be restrained in style, the finishes and forms are always able to stand on their own with Visual Comfort.”

Kate Marker

“Beautiful lighting helps to elevate a mudroom from merely a drop zone to a room deserving as much (if not more!) attention to detail as the rest of the house.”

Kate Marker

McCarren Small Flush Mount by Ralph Lauren | Photography By: @stofferphotographyinteriors

 “Done well, a mudroom will be utilized far more than many other rooms in a home by all members of the family and the design, including the lighting plan, should reflect that.”

Kate Marker

Limoges Large Pendant by Suzanne Kasler | Photography By: @stofferphotographyinteriors

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Photography: David Patterson Photography