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Enchanting Interiors: The Art of Trelliage
A classic design element embellishes garden-inspired homes with enduring appeal.
With the rise of the grandmillennial style, it’s no surprise to see the resurgence of trelliage ornamenting beautiful interiors. Historically meant to enchant gardens along the French countryside, trelliage refers to trelliswork or ornate latticework consisting of artistically constructed strips of wood or metal.

Under King Louis XIV’s reign, trelliage expanded its structural function into a luxurious art form illustrated in the Palace of Versailles’ elaborate gardens, including the Salon De Trelliage. In the early 1900s, American decorator Elsie de Wolfe popularized the use of trelliage in the world of interiors. Today, interior designers embellish garden-inspired homes with this enduring architectural detail used in design throughout history.
See how these top interior designers achieve a level of refinement in the art of trelliage with a keen eye for proportion and decoration. This beautiful collection of elegant interiors illuminates the decorative trellis details with a broad range of Visual Comfort lighting styles. Capture the essence of blooming gardens and explore our lighting fixtures inspired by flora and fauna.
Interior Design: Edith Duncan | Photographer: Dustin Peck
Featuring Jacqueline Two-Tier Chandelier designed by AERIN
Interior Design: Amy Berry | Photography: Nathan Schroder
Featuring Anette Floor Lamp designed by Ralph Lauren
Interior Design: Pattie Watson of Taste Design | Photographer: Kyle J Caldwell
Featuring Hampton Wall Light designed by AERIN
Interior Design: Betsey Mosby | Photography: Laurey Glenn
Featuring Clout Tail Sconce designed by Barbara Barry, Wharton Chandelier designed by AERIN
Interior Design: Rivers Spencer
Featuring Entellina Chandelier designed by Julie Neill
Interior Design: Becky Nielsen | Photography: Laurey Glenn
Featuring Bolsena Clover Flush Mount designed by AERIN
Interior Design: Katherine Connell
Featuring Alberto Medium Two Tier Chandelier designed by Julie Neill
Elegant Lighting Designs Inspired by Flora and Fauna
Bring home the garden-inspired aesthetic with these sculptural lighting designs that capture the shapes of branches, blooms, and other natural elements.
01. Mandeville Sconce; 02. Silva Grande Chandelier; 03. Hampton Wall Light; 04. Luciano Medium Round Lantern; 05. Dumaine Medium Pierced Leaf Chandelier; 06. Alberto Large Floor Lamp; 07. Keaton Bouquet Flush Mount; 08. Farfalle Large Chandelier; 09. Illana Medium Lantern; 10. Claret Tail Sconce; 11. Branch Sconce

Experience our family of brands at Visual Comfort & Co.

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