Design Detour: Raena Interiors


Influenced by nature, texture and the elusive idiosyncrasies that make a house great, Raena Albers of Raena Interiors starts every project with a few ground rules. For instance, accent walls are a no. Sentimental objects are a yes, as are durable fabrics and a pragmatic outlook. “We can find form within the function, but every room needs to be comfortable, both physically and aesthetically,” she says. “Over time my style has evolved, and I’m more willing to take chances on color and pattern—it just comes with confidence.”

Photography: Spacecrafting Photography + B2 Photography


Travail Kitchen and Amusements in Robbinsdale pleases all the senses. The food is incredible, and trust me, so is the energy. (I once saw a server dressed as a chicken, dancing to Michael Jackson.) It’s the ultimate fun zone and I’d love to have dinner there with a good mix of personalities: blogger Lindsay Ostrom of Pinch of Yum, author Allen Eskens, branding expert Jerrod Scott of Brandtabulous, pastry chef Zoe Francois of Zoe Bakes and legendary radio host Tom Barnard.”


Rose Tarlow’s fabrics and wallcoverings are simply gorgeous. The subtle organic patterns and unique textures are understated and cool—true to the nature you’d see in Minnesota. I have used her textiles in many of my projects because they mix seamlessly with any style and stand perfectly well on their own.”

Bonnington Wall Sconce by AERINBonnington Wall Sconce by AERIN


“If a space is veering in a direction that seems too obvious, I have learned to have fun with lighting and choose fixtures that give the room a bit of polarity and still stand the test of time, like the Keil Swing Arm Wall Light by AERIN. Also, I have learned bigger isn’t always better and you don’t have to mix your metals if you don’t want to. Creating a layered look is more about the architecture of the lighting rather than finding this secret formula of mixing finishes. If you love bronze, go all in. I actually love that continuity.”


Brady Foster is a freelance floral designer and stylist who I always bring on board to help me finish my local projects. From his beautiful floral styling to the way he drapes a throw, he really understands the sensitivity of styling. His floral arrangements bring life and movement to a space, and his ability to style a bookshelf is priceless—if you know, you know.”


“My favorite local place to source for original art is The Atelier Collection in Excelsior. This local and online gallery is filled with works acquired throughout the US and Europe by owner Hayley Stoen, who has the best eye for landscapes and seascapes. The pieces are perfectly curated and framed—some pretty enough to give me heart palpitations. In fact, I am still haunted with regret over a piece I didn’t buy a few years ago. This shop is a must!”

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“The Phoebe Stacked Table Lamp by Kelly Wearstler has a unique structure—it’s soft and cool, modern and traditional, understated and overstated...versatile, to say the least.”


“The Melange Large Floating Disc Semi-Flush Chandelier by Kelly Wearstler looks like it might abduct you, and I’m all in.”


“The Pimlico Swing Arm Sconce by Chapman & Myers is the epitome of timelessness—the elegance of the pleated shade is perfection.”